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void TRWindow::StartTorrent ( int  index  ) 

Called from StartTorrent thread.

Definition at line 410 of file TRWindow.cpp.

References UpdateList().

Referenced by AddEntry(), and AsynchStartTorrent().

      // Read the settings.
      BString folder("");
      Prefs *prefs = new Prefs(TRANSMISSION_SETTINGS);
      if (prefs->FindString("download.folder", &folder) != B_OK) {
            prefs->SetString("download.folder", "/boot/home/Downloads");
            folder << "/boot/home/Downloads";
      tr_torrentSetFolder(engine, index, folder.String());
      tr_torrentStart(engine, index);
      if (transfers->CurrentSelection() >= 0) {
            UpdateList(index, true);
      delete prefs;

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