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// $Id: TRWindow.h 261 2006-05-29 21:27:31Z titer $

#ifndef TR_WIND
#define TR_WIND

#include <Entry.h>
#include <FilePanel.h>
#include <ListView.h>
#include <Window.h>

#include "transmission.h"

#include "TRPrefsWindow.h"

#define TR_INFO 'tNfo'

#define TR_RESUME 'tRes'
#define TR_PAUSE 'tPse'
#define TR_REMOVE 'tRmv'
#define TR_SELECT 'tSel'
#define TR_SETTINGS 'tSet'

 * Transmission Window.
00028 class TRWindow : public BWindow {
public: // BWindow
      virtual void MessageReceived(BMessage *msg);
      virtual bool QuitRequested();
      virtual void FrameResized(float width, float height);

public:     // TRWindow
      void AddEntry(BEntry *torrent);
      void UpdateList(int32 selection, bool menus);
      void LoadSettings();
      void StopTorrent(int index);
      void StartTorrent(int index);
      static int32 AsynchStopTorrent(void *data);
      static int32 AsynchStartTorrent(void *data);
      void RescanTorrents();

      BListView *transfers;
      BFilePanel *openPanel;
      tr_handle_t *engine;
      TRPrefsWindow *fSettings;

 * Used to pass info off to the worker thread that runs AsynchStopTorrent
00064 struct worker_info {
      TRWindow *window;
      int      index;

#endif /* TR_WIND */

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