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// $Id: TRTransfer.h 261 2006-05-29 21:27:31Z titer $


#include <Entry.h>
#include <ListItem.h>
#include <Locker.h>
#include <String.h>
#include <View.h>

#include "transmission.h"

class TRTransfer : public BListItem {
public: // Construction and Controll methods.
      TRTransfer(const char *fullpath, node_ref node);

      inline node_ref GetCachedNodeRef() { return cachedNodeRef; };
      inline const char* GetCachedPath() { return cachedPath->String(); };
      bool SetStatus(tr_stat_t *stat, bool shade);
public: // BListItem
      virtual void Update(BView *owner, const BFont *font);
      virtual void DrawItem(BView *owner, BRect frame, bool complete = false);

       * Cached data. The items stored here are _NOT_ necessairly
       * the torrent we'll be rendering. It's likely they will be,
       * but NOT guaranteed. They are not used for anything relating
       * to rendering.
       * Specifically we needed a way to cache the node_ref and
       * reverse-lookup the node from the string path in the 
       * transmission structs. This seemed the logical place to store
       * that information, since it ends up in a BList(View).
      node_ref cachedNodeRef;
      BString *cachedPath;

private: // Private members used for rendering.
      float fBaselineOffset;
      float fLineSpacing;
      BLocker *fStatusLock;
      tr_stat_t *fStatus;
      rgb_color fBarColor;
      char* fTimeStr;
      char* fTransStr;
      bool fShade;

#endif /* TR_TRANSFER */

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